dr. Katalin Eszesné Tóth

Qualification: Quality Engineer; Foodindustry Engineer with economical certificate; FSSC, BRCGS and IFS auditor

Work- and profession experiences:

Katalin has more decades of experience in every territories of food chains, from base material production and food producing to food trade. She has built up many food safety systems as advisor and the companies got the quality certificate, they needed. She does supplier audits for food market
chains for 10 years and she does certifing audits for Quality Certifing Organisations.

Advising references:

  • PACCOR Hungary Kft.
  • Pannontaste Kft.
  • DOMI Fokhagyma Kft.
  • Corn Oil Press Kft.
  • Café Frei Kft.
  • Méhecske Bt.
  • HFI Kft.
  • Banina Kft.
  • Gelato Kft.
  • Bedeco Kft.