Hosszúné Újvári Nóra

Food engineer, food safety engineer

Work- and profession experiences:

Nóra has 30 years of experience at foodindustry, of which 20 years at food safety management. She has
successfully coordinated food quality management projects (HACCP, IFS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001,
ISO 50001 and RSPO standard systems’ operating management). She is an experienced internal auditor.
She works as a food safety consultant for companies since 2021.

She is a specialist at:

  • HACCP system establishing and review
  • IFS standard system establishing and review
  • Internal audits and supplier audits
  • making productsheets and specifications
  • nutrition calculations
  • hygienic consulting
  • food safety education

Consulting referencies:

  • Sörművek Balatonszentgyörgy (beer manufactury)
  • Ice ’N’ Go! (icecream factory)
  • Rubók Pékség (bakery)
  • NÉBÁR (bakery)
  • Pek Snack (bakery)
  • Mentes Vekni (bakery)